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April 13-15, 2012



Concert for Piano and Orchestra
59 1/2” for a String Player 
Suite for Toy Piano
In a landscape
Six melodies for Violin and Keyboard
Lecture, ‘The Cage Collection’

April 13, 7:30pm 
PianoForte Chicago

Kuang-Hao Huang,  Mabel Kwan, Qing Hou 
James Falzone, William Jason Raynovich, 
Michael LewanskiJohn_Cage_%281%29.html


Living Room MusiC 
Theatre Piece
Four for String Quartet
A Flower 

April 14, 1:30pm 
Chicago History Museum 

Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble
Amanda DeBoer, Billie Howard, Elliot T. Cless Ammie Brod, Nora Barton

April 14, 7:00pm 
A Concert of Percussion Music
Child of Tree
Double Music
Radio Music

April 15, 4:00pm 
Curtiss Hall

The Chance Operations Collective of Kalamazoo
The Percussion Art Ensemble
The Improvisation UnitJohn_Cage_%285%29.html

April 14, 9:00pm 

Variations V

Julia Miller, James Connolly, Eric Leonardson 
   Christopher Preissing. Alex Inglizian 
Kyle Evans, Tatso Aoki, Gregory O’Drobinak
Enid Smith 
Melissa Schleicher-Sanchez, Jaime JuravicJohn_Cage_%283_4%29.html

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April 13
April 14
7pm, 9pmJohn_Cage_%283_4%29.html

April 14

April 15
Preview ConcerT
Mar 31, 8pmhttp://www.floatingworld.com/elizagarth

A John Cage Festival is made possible with the support of:

2012 marking the centennial of John Cage's birth will host hundreds of Cage festivals, memorial concerts, conferences, and lectures, held all over the world demonstrating not only Cage’s contributions to music, art, poetry, politics and aesthetics, but also his relevance and influence in the development of each of these fields. Wanting to appropriately celebrate and honor his life's work a.pe.ri.od.ic presents a three-day festival, April 13-15, featuring repertoire spanning over 50 years of the composer’s output.

The festival includes five concerts of John Cage’s repertoire for toy piano, percussion ensemble, vocal ensemble, string quartet, piano, and duos.  You will hear works which exhibit his micro-macro rhythmic structure, a smattering of indeterminacy, three of his late Number Pieces, and a lecture on the John Cage Collection examining pieces presented on the festival.  A highlight of the festival involves two performances of Variations V, a rarely performed, large multimedia piece with live electronics, musicians, video projection, photo cell sensors, and dance.  As a preview to the festival, pianist Eliza Garth comes to Chicago on March 31st to perform the complete Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano. 

John Cage maintained a special connection with the city of Chicago, having lived here early on in his career, and then returning to visit the Music School at Northwestern in 1975, 1976 and in 1992, the last year of his life.  He began donating materials for a collection at Northwestern University in 1973 and continued to do so until his death, creating the John Cage Collection made up of his correspondences, ephemera, scores, and Notations project-a collection that any John Cage scholar visits repeatedly.

In producing this festival, I bring together Chicago area artists, both solo performers and new music ensembles, sound artists, and dancers to demonstrate their relationship to the music and its influence on their lives.  I am thrilled to be able to share with the Chicago community a wonderful collection of Cage’s works through the contributions of the festival participants, and I invite you to join me in this musical celebration.

-Nomi Epstein, Festival Producer, Curator

Festival Participants:

James Falzone, William Jason Raynovich, Mabel Kwan

Kuang-Hao Huang Qing Hou, Michael Lewanski

Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, Amanda DeBoer,

Billie Howard, Elliot T. Cless, Ammie Brod, Nora Barton

Julia Miller, James Connolly, Kyle Evans, Eric Leonardson

Alex Inglizian, Christopher Preissing, Enid Smith

Jaime Juravic, Melissa Schleicher-Sanchez, D.J. Hoek

Ron Coulter, The Improvisation Unit, The Percussion Art Ensemble

The Chance Operations Collective of Kalamazoo


Festival Intern: Marek Poliks

Special Thank You to:

Julia Miller, Brian Baxter, CYSO, William Jason Raynovich, James Falzone

Eliza Garth, Tricia Van Eck, 6018 North, Thomas Zoells, PianoForte Elizabeth Garibay, The Chicago History Museum, Ian Schneller and Specimen Products.

For more information email nrozanna@aol.com

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