A John Cage Festival (2)


Living Room Music

Theatre Piece

ear for EAR (Antiphonies)

Solos for Voice

A Flower

Four for String Quartet

April 14, 1:30pm

Chicago History Museum

Rubloff Auditorium

1601 N. Clark St.

Free with museum admission ($14/12)

Amanda DeBoer

Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble

Billie Howard, Elliot T. Cless

Ammie Brod, Nora Barton

A John Cage Festival joins with The Chicago History Museum as a part of their ‘Chicago Rocks’ series exploring Chicago’s history of music and musicians.  Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble will present Cage’s Living Room Music (1940), scored for percussion and speech quartet, and Amanda DeBoer will interpret Aria (1958) a piece for solo voice which employs a graphic notation of curved lines in various colors marked with vowels, consonants and words from 5 different languages.  In addition this concert will offer a unique opportunity to hear Four (1989) for String Quartet one of Cage’s Number Pieces, a repertoire from the last 6 years of his life.


April 13

April 14
April 14
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April 15
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