A John Cage Festival (1): Opening Concert

Concert for Piano and Orchestra

59 1/2” for a String Player

In a Landscape

Suite for Toy Piano

Six Melodies for Violin and Keyboard

Lecture, ‘The Cage Collection’ by D. J. Hoek

April 13, 7:30pm

PianoForte Chicago*

410 S. Michigan Ave

$12/8 with student ID

purchase tickets at door, or in advance

limited ticket availability

Kuang-Hao Huang, Mabel Kwan, Qing Hou

James Falzone, William Jason Raynovich

Michael Lewanski

*This concert is supported by PianoForte

The festival opens with a concert featuring Cage’s works for solos and duos performed by Kuang-Hao Huang of Fulcrum Point, Mabel Kwan and Michael Lewanski of Dal Niente, William Jason Raynovich of MAVerick, James Falzone of Allos Music, and Qing Hou of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  Putting these pieces into context, D.J. Hoek, Head Music Librarian of Northwestern University, will deliver a lecture on the John Cage Collection, a collection of manuscripts, scores, and correspondence housed at Northwestern.

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